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sleepwalker print

Sleep walking hedgehogs are rare. You'd have been surprised to see one if you didn't know it was possible. But now you do, so you're prepared. Sometimes when he's not looking, I slide things into his paws.

The techniques I employ to create my work are uniquely my own. They developed by trial and error in my attempt to unify imagery with media.

Rather than simply regard the 'canvas' as a means of presenting the imagery, I wanted to emphasize that inter-connective relationship.

This pursuit has guided the form of my illustrations. The processes I use involve careful attention to line weight and tone balance. This as well as paper selection help to create the subtly integrated look I have striven for.

• Prints come in three paper sizes. 3.5x5", 8x10" and 12x16".
• Contact us directly for custom or large format print options!

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