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city sloth field notebook – blank sketchbook

For those of us that still use paper... These lightweight, compact note books are ideal for jotting down notes and such. They'll keep your ideas safe within their pages while you enjoy your adventure ;)

Each notebook is made start to finish in my Toronto studio. I make them this size so that you can use them while on the go. I date the front cover when I start each new book and the back cover when I am finished. I love seeing my personal sketchbook library grow as I continue to document my thoughts and ideas. I hope you do too!


• Notebooks measure approximately 3 3/4" W x 5 3/8" D x 3/16" H (96mm x 136mm x 5mm).

• Notebooks contain 48 pages (24 leaves) of smooth, blank, bright white paper.


• Select the 'Oversize Letter' shipping option when purchasing only 1-2 notebooks.

• When purchasing 3 or more notebooks; please select our 'Light Packet' shipping option.


All the artwork is my own original creation. I own the copyright to each piece and all rights are reserved. I work hard to make quality goods and designs; so I want to thank you for supporting my endeavour and respecting my copyrights.

Price: $6.98

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